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 How Can a Detox Help You Lose Weight?


thin fatIs losing weight on your mind constantly but you just can’t seem to get rid of those extra pounds?   Do aches and pains tell you your body might be too toxic?  How toxins and weight loss are linked might surprise you.

It’s a distressing fact that our world today is filled with toxins.  There is a long list of these chemicals with unpronounceable names that fill our air, water, homes and bodies.

Your liver can get overwhelmed with toxins, so your body stores the ones it can’t get rid of in the form of fat cells.  This is likely an attempt to keep the toxins from circulating in your body and from damaging your vital organs.  The latest research proves that the body expands the number of fat cells as more and more toxins accumulate.  It points out that this can easily cause weight gain.

Another complication from toxins is that they can create thyroid problems and a greater risk for type II Diabetes.  Having toxins build up in your body can also cause a lack of energy and create aches and pains from inflammation.  That means you don’t feel like going out and enjoying life.

Toxins can also affect your emotional state making you feel tense, anxious or depressed.  This is mostly because they affect the ability of your endocrine glands to work well.

Having toxins in your body is like trying to drive a car with your foot always on the peddle.  It’s hard to make much headway.  You pour on the gas but you’re burning out the brakes.  When your body has too many toxins, you need to put out more and more energy to keep it going.  This puts stress on the whole body, as it tries to keep up.  Toxins also stress organs like the liver and kidneys, that are working overtime trying to keep the toxins eliminated.  All this can leave you feeling tired and out of sorts, and eventually lead to disease.

So what is the solution?  You can use many different pills for weight loss, but most have caffeine in them that can make you feel jittery and out of sorts.  Once you stop taking them you can easily gain the weight back.  Pills can also be used for cleansing the body.  That can work to a certain extent but it can also be very hard on your body, and you can’t keep taking the pills over time.  A change of diet is needed for long term results.

That’s why a registered holistic nutritionist and best-selling author Yuri Elkaim, decided to create a program to address these problems.  You may have seen him on ‘Dr Oz’ and ‘The Doctors’ TV shows, talking about these very issues.

The program he created will:

  • Show you how to reverse the damage to your body
  • Help you lose stubborn weight
  • Cleanse deadly chemicals out of your body
  • Show you how to enjoy radiant health in less than 30 days

This program is so effective because it’s not just a detox program.  It’s a program to get your body healthier and as an extra benefit, toxins leave your body.  This allows you to lose weight AND to feel better.  It’s a program that gets to the SOURCE of the problem.  It’s not just a band-aid.

If you continue to have a problem losing weight, toxins could very well be the reason why.

  • With this program you will:
  • Purge deadly toxins out of your body
  • Experience an abundance of new energy
  • Shed stubborn fat that you couldn’t lose before

Your body is screaming for help!  Don’t wait for more toxins to build up.  Lose weight while you become rich with energy and vibrant good health!