May 202013
 May 20, 2013


We know we SHOULD eat healthy.  Yet, millions of people eat foods that are not good for them on a daily basis. 

Is it easy to eat healthy?  Not anymore unless you know how.  There are processed foods, fat-free foods, chemicals, GMOs. artificial additives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors….pesticides, herbicides, whew! 

There Is An “Undeniable Correlation Between Nutrition and Disease”

Eating healthy can vary to some extent depending on a person’s health situation.  But, “There is an undeniable correlation between nutrition and disease. A general conclusion that can be drawn is that reducing and modifying an unhealthy lifestyle will substantially decrease, if not eliminate, risk factors in developing chronic disease”, says Myriam at EatGood4Life.  She goes on to say that with proper nutrition the body (cells and genes) will become more resilient.  “It will also be more capable of detoxifying itself and preventing disease. Food is not just fuel, it is medicine“.

“There are thousands and thousands of studies that have made the correlation that poor nutrition is linked to chronic disease and yet, after knowing this valuable information, there are still millions of people dying from it.

The quality of food we eat has a huge impact on our well being as a whole. By studying molecular genetics I was able to see this first hand. When you feed your genes right, your genes change. You turn on genes that prevent disease and turn off genes that promote it and simply evolve your body in such a way that you maximize your body’s full potential.” she also advises.

Some benefits of eating healthy:

1.  Having more energy
2.  Having less chance of developing chronic disease
3.  Having fewer illnesses
4.  Sleeping better
5.  Maintaining a healthier weight
6.  Better mood and general well-being
7.  Looking better
8.  Less chance of having to spend days or months fighting your way back from illness
9.  Chance of adding years to your life
If you happen to influence your family to also eat healthier you can know that you did your best to set them up for an active, healthy life.  These benefits also pass on to future generations!
You’re on the right path by getting educated.  Start with one thing, like grains for example.  Next time you shop for food look for “whole” grains” rather than white bread, or caramel colored brown bread.  If you are already eating whole grains, try a natural sweetner instead of sugar or an artificial sweetener.  My favorite by far is Stevia, the natural kind.  It’s natural and even said to help balance blood sugar.  Get more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Start with one, get used to that and then add another.  If you are already on the road to eating healthy,  just keep up the good work.  Quality of life makes a big difference, not only to you but to your family.

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