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 August 18, 2014

low energy quitting sugar




Quitting sugar puts more stress on the body.  You may or may not feel it, but many people have lowered levels of energy during this time.  It’s one of the reasons people put off kicking the sugar habit.

We all know we can drink/eat something with caffeine in it to keep up energy – coffee, chocolate, colas.  However, we know the side effects of it too.  If you ingest too much of it, it can make you wired, give you insomnia and make you cranky.    Plus, many of these foods have artificial sweeteners in them, and hey, we’re trying to get MORE healthy, not add to the body’s burden.

Since you can’t eat sugar for more energy, what do you do?

1)  Make sure you allow your body to get enough sleep.  I know this can be hard, but if you’re kicking the sugar habit, you may have to give a little in this area.

2)  Eat to keep up energy.  Nutritionists say over and over that eating small meals, more often, gives the body more steady energy.  If you stuff yourself with a meal, you not only are more likely to gain weight, but overeating can zap your energy   Prepare beforehand and take healthy snacks with you.

3)  Mild exercise during this time can actually boost your energy and help you sleep better.  It also increases your happy hormones, which is a nice boost when the body is not doing so well.

4)  Avoid stressful situations as much as possible. Let people around you know what you’re doing and if possible, ask them to give you some extra space.  If something does come up, talking to a friend can be great therapy.

5)  One of the things that causes low energy while quitting sugar is withdrawal symptoms.  Your body’s starting to figure out how to deal with not having added sugar for energy.  You also may also be detoxing.  These both can be a bit uncomfortable and lower your energy while your body balances out.   Keeping the energy flows in the body open and free contributes greatly to handling these symptoms, which in turn gives you more energy.

Try to eat healthy during this time.  Your body needs a good diet to support it while it’s healing.

Best of luck to you!

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