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Acupuncture Patches for Natural Pain Relief

A Cutting Edge Product That Uses No Needles, No Drugs, No Stimulants

Are you struggling with back, neck or head pain, joint or muscle aches?   Pain can make life seem a lot harder than it has to be.  It constantly has your attention and keeps you from enjoying the things you most love.

Acupuncture Patches Featured on PBS

You can relieve pain naturally!

  • Safe and natural
  • Can be used for whole body and local pain
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Fast results 

Imagine rapid and drug-free pain relief.  The technology is actually here now.  According to traditional acupuncture theory, pain is the result of an obstruction in the flow of energy in the body.  The acupuncture patches re-balance this flow, helping ensure all systems in the body function properly, thereby starting the healing process from within.

Acupuncture patches work on several different levels.  They are an advanced form of homeopathy. The patches contain homeopathic materials, that when stimulated by body heat, reflect low levels of light.  When placed on the body like a band-aid, the patches stimulate nerves and points on the skin to produce health benefits not obtainable with any other product on the market today.

They also work in a way similar to acupuncture.  They act as tiny radio antennae, broadcasting information to each other to  heal energy flows in the body.  This helps the body to activate it’s own healing powers.


How Icewave Patches Are Applied


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How do we know the patches really work?


As we all know, there’s nothing better than using a products and seeing for yourself how well it works.   However, for scientific proof, clinical studies using Thermal Imaging present actual results with before and after pictures. What they show is a reduction of inflammation where these patches have been placed. Take a look at the actual before and after pictures below and notice how the reduction of “hot spots” is clearly evident. This local thermal effect means that excess heat is reduced to an injured area and what follows is reduced pain, reduced soreness, and restoration of range of motion to the specific injured site. LifeWave’s patented, non-transdermal patch technology has been the subject of over 70 research and clinical studies, and for good reason: the products produce dramatic, and often immediate, results. Used by healthcare practitioners, celebrities, Olympic and professional athletes, and people from all walks of life in over 100 countries who want “the edge”, LifeWave has what you need to feel your best.

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Testimonials: Pain Patches

“I used the patches twice on my jaw after I had an inflammed tooth pulled.  I used them 10 minutes each time. Truly amazing!  I received instant relief!  I can’t thank you enough!  I had taken a pain pill earlier in the evening, and was still in great pain, but I finally got relief after applying the pain patches.  I am definitely a believer of this technology.  Thanks again!                                                                                                                                                E.Kepler  U.S.

I was in the basement of our office building where there were a lot of things stored.  The lighting wasn’t so good in the back and I tried to push something out of the way with my foot.  It teetered and instantly fell on the top of my foot.  It was a small cast iron stove, but big enough to do a lot of damage!  Needless to say, I was in pain.  I went home and immedicately put some Icewave patches on it.  It quit hurting very soon.  I left the patches on for about 30 minutes at a time thoroughout the day.  The next day it didn’t hurt at all, even when I walked on it and it never bothered me again.  Just miraculous!                                                      M. Hyde U.S.

My latest experience with the patches is that I wrecked my knee and had a 98% recovery within 5 days!!  I fell down three stairs and landed with my full weight on my right kneecap – the same knee that took a similar knock about 2 months before. It was agony. A few hours later there was just a dull ache and some swelling, so I thought nothing of it for the rest of the day as I moved about gingerly.

The next morning I was getting into my car when I bumped my right knee lightly against the inside of the car door. Man, did that hurt! I think I must have lifted the kneecap off the cartilage and it felt like there was bleeding below the kneecap. I went a deathly white, but ran the errand anyway and when I returned (half an hour later) I hobbled inside to put IceWave patches on the knee. I put the Tan patch on the sorest spot on the inside of the knee and placed the White patch on all 4 clock points, but none gave much relief. So I moved the White patch around and found that the 7 o’clock bracket-point worked and the pain came down from about a 9 to a 2 (out of 10). The knee felt incredibly strong, so I went ahead and painted the kitchen cupboard (which is what I intended doing that morning).

Several hours later, I was on my haunches painting the cupboards and it suddenly dawned on me that I shouldn’t be able to do that. I felt absolutely NO pain and wasn’t limping although the knee was swollen, inflamed and bruised badly. I put an Aeon patch onto the knee cap for the inflammation and just carried on.

Two days later I put the Tan patch a little higher up on the knee (the next sore spot) and the White patch at about half-past-six and an Aeon patch on another sore spot behind the knee (on the inside). I added an Aeon patch to the kneecap the next day, and on day three I put two sets of IceWave patches around the knee (to speed up the recovery); the first Tan Patch went on the original sore spot with the White patch at 9 o’clock (basically either side of the knee cap), and the second Tan patch went below and slightly in from the first one, with the White patch at 12 o’clock. I also put an Aeon patch onto the kneecap again. The swelling has subsided a little (about half), although the knee was an impressive yellow and green-blue color, it was not inflamed (hot) anymore, and there was ABSOLUTELY NO pain and the knee felt so strong!

I can see why they’d want to develop something like this for guys in the combat zone; it’s actually scary how well they work. I’d been on the go all the time! But without the patches I’d probably have had knee surgery and have my leg in a brace over Christmas. My partner and my sister have both been on my case about resting the knee, and saying that numbing the pain is probably not the best option etc. My sister’s view is that by the time I’m 50 (‘which is not that far off’ – her words), I’ll regret not dealing with this ‘properly’. My view is ‘I’m pretty sure the patches will still be around then’ 😉

The patches don’t just take the pain away, they actually make the knee feel rock-solid! In fact, I hardly even think about the knee and there’s been no limp, or other muscle pains from compensating for the knee – I think these patches are truly miraculous.                       

                                                                                 Mandy M. South Africa

Independent Lifewave Distributor


The LifeWave patches are intended for healthy adults, age eighteen and over. The guidelines on this website are solely for educational and informational purposes. This information is in no way intended to be medical advice. Please consult a medical or health professional before you begin any new diet, exercise or nutrition program, or if you have any questions or concerns about your health. Individuals that are quoted on this website have experienced results that may not be typical results and as such their results will not be the same as your individual results. LifeWave does not assume any responsibility for your use of information on this website.