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 June 21, 2016

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With all our modern technology, we have some drugs that can do wonderful things.  However, sometimes we forget, using drugs for pain only masks the symptoms.  They don’t get to the source of the pain and handle it

  • Prescription pain killers can be good for extremely bad pain, if used very short term.  But in no time at all an addictive situation can occur 
  • The longer a person takes pain pills, the more it takes to get the same effect 
  • The side effects can lead to more drugs which lead to more side effects and then more drugs to handle those side effects, and so on

Over the counter drugs, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can reduce inflammation but are much overused for chronic pain.  Reducing inflammation can be accomplished much better with natural means.  People assume over the counter drugs are safe, but the latest research shows they can have serious long tern effects contributing to intestinal problems, liver failure and more.

So it’s best to be off drugs as soon as possible or better yet, never start them in the first place.  That leaves us with finding another solution that actually works. 

The same modern technology that gives us more and more powerful drugs also has produced an advanced breakthrough in pain relief of a different kind.  This is a combination of 1000’s of years of Chinese Medicine with the best of modern science.  Acupuncture Patches are all natural, use no needles or drugs and are safe and easy to apply.  These patches are small round discs a little bigger than a quarter.  

Many people think that natural pain relief would not work on THEIR pain because the best drugs have not worked, but with new advances, handling pain naturally can be accomplished amazingly fast.  This is because they address the root of the problem, balancing the body and opening the flows in the process.  In our western arrogance, we have poo-pooed eastern ideas about medicine and electrical flows in the body because they are ancient ideas.  However, the body has now been proven to have electrical flows around and through it and these flow lines, called ‘meridians’ are each related to an organ in the body.   If these flows are interrupted, you can easily get pain.  This is your body telling you that something is wrong.   When you put energy back into that electrical flow which allows it to open up again, your body can heal itself.  There’s no masking of pain.  This is handling the body at the source of the problem.

Thankfully, opening these flows can be accomplished with natural means.  Everyone is different and their pains are different.  Some people react VERY fast (I’m talking minutes) even when they’ve had the pain for a long time and others it takes a little while.   The body needs more time to balance and heal.   The point is you’re not merely masking pain, taking drugs that can give you side effects or an addiction you have to somehow get rid of.  Acupuncture patches are safe and natural and use no drugs.   See guarantee on website.


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