Jun 112013
 June 11, 2013
Remarkable Improvements In Dementia Using Turmeric

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia not only seem to be rites of passage these days but I also notice way too many younger people commenting on their own loss of memory.  How wonderful it is to hear such great news as this about something so natural and GOOD for you about Tumeric, also called Curcumin!. Turmeric has

May 252013
 May 25, 2013
The Dangers of Going Green

Intriguing and inspiring, this article is a new slant on the meaning of going green.  These ideas would take some thought and effort, but it would be very interesting seeing them in action.   Too often design questions focus on protecting one aspect or another of nature. Instead, we need to look at how we can learn from

May 252013
 May 25, 2013
Expert Questions Flu Vaccine's Safety, Effectiveness

Based on my pediatrician’s advice, I have made a point of getting my kids and myself a flu shot every single year.  So you’d better believe I sat up and took notice when a Johns Hopkins scientist released a study recently that questions whether the flu shot is as safe and effective as we’ve been

May 242013
 May 24, 2013
Going Green: 6 Tips for Your Next Spring Cleaning

Are you looking to turn your next spring cleaning environmentally friendly, but aren’t sure what methods you should use? If you’re environmentally conscious, you might want to consider using green cleaning methods. Green cleaning methods use environment friendly ingredients that preserve our health and environment.   Here are some recipes to make your own natural cleansers

May 222013
 May 22, 2013
What Are Essential Oils?

What Are Essential Oils? Essential oils are pure aromatic substances that are extracted from plants. They are often referred to as the life force of the plant. Every plant will yield a completely different essential oil with no two being identical. The essential oil differs according to the plant species, country of origin, altitude at

May 212013
 May 21, 2013
What Makes Furniture Eco Friendly?

Ever wonder what the difference is between furniture you see in most retail furniture stores and Eco Friendly furniture?  And what does Eco Friendly mean anyway? Well, Eco Friendly can mean that the furniture elements, like down, are sourced ethically or recycled.  It is also sometimes a way of saying people friendly, meaning healthy for

May 202013
 May 20, 2013
Need Inspiration to Eat Healthy?   Here are 9 Reasons

We know we SHOULD eat healthy.  Yet, millions of people eat foods that are not good for them on a daily basis.  Is it easy to eat healthy?  Not anymore unless you know how.  There are processed foods, fat-free foods, chemicals, GMOs. artificial additives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors….pesticides, herbicides, whew!  There Is An “Undeniable Correlation