Jul 222014
 July 22, 2014
Why Do Cows Eat Grass?

It has been said that cows that graze naturally in grass pastures are producing the absolute best milk that money can buy.  Grass is the food cows eat naturally and thrive the best on as long as it is quality grass. Rob Moir of the Ocean River Institute says, “Pasturing (allowing cattle to eat grass

Jul 192014
 July 19, 2014
Phytochemicals... What Are They Anyway?

Phyto: indicating a plant or vegetation.  So phytochemicals would be the natural chemicals in plants or vegetation.   What are Phytochemicals? Phytochemicals are non-nutritive plant chemicals that have protective or disease preventive properties. They are nonessential nutrients, meaning that they are not required by the human body for sustaining life. It is well-known that plants produce

Jul 172014
 July 17, 2014
Review of Natural Energy Patch

Susan Casey, writer and former Editor-in-Chief of O, the Oprah Magazine, was formerly an internationally ranked athlete. She became intrigued by an article about a new energy patch being worn by swimmers at the U.S. Olympic Trials. She decided to try the patches and here’s what she had to say. “The organic biochemicals in the

Jul 142014
 July 14, 2014
You’ll Never Guess What Veggie Just Beat Kale!

By Lenny Bernstein (Washington Post) Anyone who’s paying attention knows it’s a very good idea to eat green, leafy vegetables and colorful citrus fruits. Over time, research has shown their association with reducing cancer and chronic disease. In fact, most of us know that we should be consuming multiple helpings of these foods each day. 

Jul 122014
 July 12, 2014
Before You Buy Fish - Check for Mercury

Follow Living Green and Natural In 2014 we are seeing warnings on eating Tuna most of all.  But there’s good news too.  Here’s an article by Hank Shaw that lays it all out. The risk of mercury poisoning by eating seafood is real — if you eat a lot of fish or seafood, as I

Jul 122014
 July 12, 2014
Sugar Cravings and Mineral Deficiency

Sugar steals minerals from your body which causes imbalances to occur. What’s unfortunate is that this mineral deficient state can, in turn, cause you to crave sugar!  As you probably already know, this can become a vicious cycle of no return if you keep eating too much sugar.  The results can be a downward spiral

Jul 102014
 July 10, 2014
5 Foods That Can Cause Pain

If you suffer from pain, you may be surprised to know that certain foods can cause pain, and avoiding them can make you feel a lot better.  That’s the reward for bypassing those foods you love, and it can be well worth the price. 1. White Table Sugar – Sugar’s impact on pain is partially

Jun 102014
 June 10, 2014
How to Eat Right for Your Blood Type

I am a great believer in this D’Adamo book.  I’ve been meaning to write a post about it but I”m glad the people over at Natural Health Tribe took the time. Especially if you have food allergies, it can really help you narrow them down even more.  There are lots of details in the book.

Jun 062014
 June 6, 2014
Truvia Sweetener a Powerful Pesticide

Truvia is advertised as a ‘natural’ sweetener, containing Stevia,  But in this article from Mike Adams it is revealed that fruit flies died fast when fed this sweetener, even compared to other artificial sweeteners.  Truvia sweetener is made from about 99.5% erythritol (a sugar alcohol), and 0.5% rebiana, an extract from the stevia plant (but