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 March 7, 2015

children playing in oceanEver wonder why a natural treatment just didn’t seem to work the way you wanted or expected it to?   If you use these products correctly, it can make a world of difference.  I’ve been using natural products to treat bugs and injuries for many years.  There are a few things I’ve learned that lead to faster, easier healing.

1)  I can’t emphasize how important is it to use natural treatments at the first sign of a problem – colds/flu, injuries.  The longer you wait, the more time a bug has to grow and get a foothold in your body (no pun intended).  Similar thing with an injury – treat it immediately before it creates damage – swelling/inflammation.  I use Arnica Gel, which is something that you can find at most health food stores for bruising.  It works amazingly well if you start treating the injury right away!  Acupuncture Patches are also wonderful for treating injuries.  Energy flows in the body can easily be weakened or cut when an injury occurs.  Acupuncture Patches open the flows back up, and allow the body to bring healing nutrients to the injury.  They can make a world of difference.

2)  Keep the essentials on hand!  If you get off work/pick up kids,  have errands to run and are feeling bad, you may not feel like an extra trip to the health food store (if they even carry the product there).  People always put these things off, maybe even thinking they’ll wait and see how they feel.   Then it’s late at night, you start feeling sicker and the store is closed.  You go to bed….and wake up sick.

Don’t wait!  Keep some of your product on hand.   A bug or injury is much harder to treat if you wait.

3)  Don’t expect 1 or 2 treatments to heal a major injury or flu.  As with drugs you need to use the natural treatment regularly and continue using it until you’re sure it’s healed.

Most people don’t have detox symptoms when using natural products.  However, if you’re noticing signs of detox, decrease the dose/use of the product until symptoms are less.

There can be a difference in the way you feel after using natural products vs. drugs.  Although natural products can work very fast, you may not have the same sudden or noticable difference after taking/using them as you may with drugs.  What you realize later is that you felt better and got through those hours easier, often with no symptoms.  They can be very subtle, yet truly effective.  Make it a practice to notice any difference in the way you feel anywhere from immediately to 30 minutes after you use the natural product.  You’ll probably feel better….. more aware, more balanced.




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